Our Program


Paradise House is a non-profit corporation offering a structured program leading to a productive life. 

Each day at Paradise begins with a Meditation Meeting where the women  share positive affirmations.  They then go to their outside Counseling and medical appointments. 

Each afternoon or evening a different meeting is held:

Monday:  12 Step Book Study

Tuesday: House Meeting followed by Bible Study

Wednesday:  Outside AA Meeting and Support Group in the house.

Thursday:  Spiritual 12 Step Meeting

Friday:  NA Literature Meeting

Saturday: AA Meeting in the house.

Sunday Morning:  Non-denominational Church Service followed by NA Meeting.




Being Responsible:  Each woman learns to take responsibility through supervised, daily housekeeping chores, shopping for food and preparing her own meals, doing her laundry and being responsible for her children when they visit.

Penalties:  Violations are given for skipping or coming late to a mandatory meeting, being home late for curfew,  not handing in meeting slips,  not doing your chore properly, 

Late Arrivals: Women are tested for the presence of controlled substances in their urine on a random basis and whenever they come home late.

Courteous behavior and respectful language are modelled by staff members and required of all residents. 

For the first thirty days in the house each woman is on male blackout.  She is required to get a sponsor by the end of her first thirty days and she may only go to an outside meeting if her sponsor comes for her and signs her out.